GCH CH RoundAbout Sweeps All At Scripts, CD RN CGCA TKI


(Photo by Dan Pearson Photography)

Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund

Owned and Loved by Cathy Smith

Dyson is named after the vacuum cleaner. Yes, you read that correctly. He is a miniature wirehaired dachshund and being a scent hound he likes to keep his nose on the ground checking out everything. A lot of the time when he looks up at you he has something stuck to his nose so I decided to name him after a vacuum.

He is my fourth mini wire dachshund and he is a very special little dog. He is an exceptional conformation dog receiving his Grand Championship at the age of three. He is also very willing to try anything I have asked of him. In a very few months he completed his CGCA and two trick dog titles receiving his TKI. He then went on to compete and receive his Rally Novice RN title and most recently his Companion Dog CD title.

This little mini vac is continuing his conformation career and just starting his performance career but most of all he is my sidekick and in his spare time loves his agility practice and doing therapy work.