The next Board meeting will be January 18th 2022 at our training facility located at 5222 Marsha Sharp Freeway at 6:30 PM. All members are welcome to attend.


The next Member meeting will be January 18th 2022 at our training facility located at 5222 Marsha Sharp Freeway at 7:30 PM. This is the last meeting before our January Agility trial. We will need help stuffing welcome bags for this 50th anniversary event. Anyone with a love for dog training and sports is welcome to attend.


Our first January Agility trials will be held at the Texas Tech Equestrian Center from Friday, January 28th through Sunday, January 30th, 2022. We are pleased to offer three full days of trialing, including all day Friday.

Equipment loading will begin at the SPOTC Club building at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 27th. Pickups and trailers and willing hands are always welcome. Unloading will follow at the trial site, the Texas Tech Equestrian Center. Any help for all or part of this procedure will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with course fee credits.

Don’t forget we will need help loading up equipment on Sunday after the trial (beginning at approx. 2:00 p.m.) and unloading at the building. This show needs everyone to make it successful.

Volunteers will be needed for loading and unloading equipment, serving as ring crew, course building, and other fun activities. Experience is not required; training will be provided. Also note the illustrated ring crew tips included as a separate attachment with this newsletter.

Contact Dana Brown at ddbro@sbcglobal.net to let her know what jobs you may be available to do and on which days and hours. A Google Doc has been posted on the trial secretary’s site for volunteers to fill in when/where they can work. The link becomes active after Jan. 12th, the entry closing date. Link is: http://tinyurl.com/SPOTCVolunteers

Everyone’s assistance is both needed and appreciated! These events cannot succeed without you. Because of your help, SPOTC has developed a reputation for very well run trials and we plan to continue that tradition.

Raffle donations are always needed. New or gently used items for dogs or their two-legged companions are very welcome. Our raffles have earned high praise from competitors both at home and from other areas. Raffle donations may be given to Sherell Guichard-Thomas. Contact her at spotc@compuserve.com for more information, or bring your donation on loading day.


Thanks to everyone who made the November Agility trial a success again this year! To begin with, nothing can be done until our trailers get to the show site. Thanks to Gail Claborn and Troy and Bonnie Brooks for hauling the trailers for us. A special thanks to SPOTC’s amazing course building crews who worked tirelessly each day and always had the next course built and ready to go well before walk-throughs. The electronic timers are a big asset (and at times, a headache!) to any trial and I can’t thank Nanci Schroeder enough for taking over that responsibility from me. Dana Brown once again did a fantastic job keeping the rings staffed with volunteers, in addition to making the great reusable Volunteer Boards for our trials. Sherell Guichard-Thomas once again put together a renowned raffle and a special thanks to Cathy Smith for braving the cold and manning the raffle table each day. Thanks to Margaret Freeman for taking care of snacks and food for the trial secretary and judge. I had to bring a lot of new equipment for the trial secretary and I would like to thank April Lightner for helping me with the set up and tear down of all that equipment. Thanks again for all your hard work. I feel so fortunate to be the trial chairman for such a great club!

We have less than two months before we will be hosting our first SPOTC January Agility trial. We are going to make this trial very special by celebrating SPOTC’s 51st anniversary. (We weren’t able to celebrate the 50th because of COVID). We are going to put together special welcome bags for all the exhibitors. I challenge everyone to either donate items or talk to a business to see if they would be willing to donate items for the welcome bags. We will put together 100 welcome bags. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Several members and their dogs “showed their stuff” and succeeded both in and out of the ring. Congratulations to everyone who gathered “Qs” with their dogs and to all who also had great fun with their best canine friends.

Members really pitched in and worked very hard, in sometimes trying conditions, to make this trial a success and their efforts made it worth it. We should also acknowledge the contributions of those out-of-town non-member participants who also contributed a lot of hard work, and many thanks to them as well.


A few weeks ago we started a group for Draft/Carting work. This is open to all levels, from beginners to experienced. We are currently meeting during the weekends, weather permitting, in various locations (Levelland, Shallowater, etc.). If you are interested, please let me know. You can also reach out to Lynn Gregory or Liz Brandt. Patti Emmerling 911standards@gmail.com

NEW OFFICERS FOR 2021-2022 - 2020!

Please join me in welcoming our Officers and Board members, who were elected at the May meeting for the fiscal year June 1 2021 — June 1, 2022, and are as follows:

President: Dana Brown

Vice-President: Mary Jane Sampson

Secretary: Jodi Pritchard

Treasurer: Cheryl Birdwell

Board Members: Teresa Janssen, Mary Lou Vardy, Margaret Freeman, Julie Wilson and Gail Claborn


Thanks to all the club members who helped to make our Obedience trial a great success. Biggest kudos to Dana Brown, trial secretary, who did the premium list, took entries and lunch orders, made the trial catalog, judges’ books, running orders, then kept her nose down in the computer all weekend getting everything recorded and sent to AKC. A huge job! JoAnn Phil-lips worked hard on set-up. Thanks to head ring steward Vernon Brown for keeping the rings manned and running smoothly. Margaret Freeman kept our West Texas hospitality flowing with coffee, donuts, drinks, and dispensing lunches. The match crew of JoAnn Phillips, Laura Smith, Cheryl Birdwell, and others kept the match rings going. Laura also got all the equip-ment organized and ready to go, and organized ribbons and prizes. Sherell Guichard-Thomas did a wonderful job (as usual) with the raffle and with the AKC information table. Cheryl Birdwell kept the bills paid. And more thanks to everyone who came up to ring stew-ard, set up the show and haul equipment, keep the ribbons and prizes flowing, donate to the raffle, provide transportation and meals to the judges, and anything I haven't remembered to mention!

Congratulations to members who showed their dogs--whether you brought a ribbon home or not, an entry results from a lot of work, and the bond you have with your dog is better for it!

A brag on the students in our Novice Rally class. They did great at our Obedience trial, with many of them competing in Beginner Novice Obedience as well as in Novice Rally. We had fun and earned titles at the same time. There is a nice story about us on the AKC Sports Facebook page. Scroll down to "Posts" on the left-hand side. There are pictures and comments by Judge Aimee Kincaid.


Make sure to catch our club's debut on YouTube.com. Club members recently performed an agility demo at halftime for the Ropes High School football game on November 2nd. The club got rave reviews from the crowd. The demo was video taped and placed on the website YouTube.com thanks to Paula Perry. To take a look, just go to this direct link:

SPOTC Ropes Agility Demo


All members are encouraged to show their pride and hang an 8x10 photo of their titled dog on the wall in the meeting room. If you do not have an extra copy of your precious color photos, you can frame a color copy. Also keep in mind that the club has voted to hang photos of dogs that earn an MX or UDX in an honored place on the wall with our OTCH dogs.


Honk if you love animals! Better yet, purchase a special Animal Friendly license plate for an additional $25. Proceeds will provide free or reduced-cost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats across Texas. Call the Texas Department of Transportation for more information at 512-374-5010 or contact your local animal shelter.